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  • Louis Leib

    Pursuit® XL Mobility Scooter Reviews

    (Jan 31, 2015)
    Category: Pride® Mobility Scooter Reviews I have a Pride Pursuit XL that was provided for me by the Veterans Administration in Tucson, Arizona. The Pride Dealer, American Mobility of Tucson, AZ, helped me have the scooter repaired over the course of a year or more. During the time that I lived in Tucson they had to replace/rebuild the bottom of the seat and 2 plastic cowling parts. Now a year later and the seat is completely destroyed, again, due to water/rain damage even though it is kept covered and I put the seat inside my vehicle when traveling. I feel the seat, due to very poor design, it isn't waterproof, it sucks up water and holds it like a sponge and whatever material was used as the base and back disolved in the water. How can Pride design a scooter that is used outdoors and not handle getting wet? Why would you put a pocket on the back of the seat that has no cover and allows moisture to collect in the pocket? My complaints about this are well known to both your dealer and representative in the Tucson area. American Mobility made your represenative aware these problems and asked him to contact me personally, which he never did.   I have relocated to Vero Beach, Florida and your dealer here, Med Repairs & Mobility, currently have my scooter and have told me it needs a new custom seat they are trying to have the factory price so the Veterans Administration can pay for it. I really like my Pursuit XL and want to see it repaired under warranty and not cost the Veterans Administration for a very poor design.
  • Carly Pal

    Go-Go Elite Traveller® Mobility Scooter Reviews

    (Jan 30, 2015)
    Category: Go-Go® Travel Mobility Reviews I recently purchased the 4 wheel Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus. Everything was fine for almost 3 months and then for no apparent reason would come to a complete stop and would sound up to 9 beeps. I returned it to the provider (under full warranty) and was given a loan scooter of the same description. The same issue occurred with the loan scooter and I have now returned that to the store. I was assured that my scooter was repaired and no further issues were found. I have had it back 2 days and in 48 hours it has stopped at least 16 times - usually whilst I am crossing a busy road with my two young children. This is highly dangerous and with both my scooter and the loan one displaying the same problems, obviously there is a major fault with either the design or manufacture. For $2000 Aus dollars I expect a reliable product that will not endanger my life. I now need to return my scooter for further repair but I honestly don't want it back. How do I know it is actually fixed, and how do I know either a replacement or brand new scooter would not do the same? I have had spinal surgery and not only need a scooter, but one that disassembles. What are my options?? Also, I was assured at time of purchase that if key was removed, the scooter could not be taken (ie if left outside a store). This is DEFINITELY not the case. All you have to do is put it in neutral and away you go. Another thing - why is the key universal??? The key to my scooter also worked in the loan scooter. WHY?? As if you would have a universal key for a car!! And to top off my rant, the horn is a disgrace. It beeps like a heart monitor!
  • R W

    Q6 Edge® HD Power Chair Reviews

    (Jan 30, 2015)
    Category: Quantum Rehab® Reviews seems like a lot of pride & quantom are being shipped put together by a monkey, a lot of loose screws, the book says use blue loctite on threads, none used on mine, seat floping up & down front trapeese bar bolts barley screwed in bar sliding up & down 1/2 of threads,
  • Raymond Vi...

    Go-Go® Sport Mobility Scooter Reviews

    (Jan 29, 2015)
    Category: Go-Go® Travel Mobility Reviews On 1/26/15 we bought a GO-GO Sport power 3 wheel scooter for my husband and used it for the first time on 1/27. Apparently, the steering column was resting on the foot pad and was vibrating/bouncing enough to break/crack the horn button. This caused the button to become misshaped and depressed in the "on" position. Now we have a scooter that emits a continuous unrelenting horn when in use. I returned it to the store on 1/28 for repair, When I took it back for repair I noticed that the less expensive scooters have the horn on the top of the drive control assembly so it is protected. My dismay at my husband having had the scooter for only 24 hours and now have no horn has prompted this email. I realize that, technically, it is my fault as I am the one that assembled and disassembled it for my husband, but, why on earth would a take-apart vehicle designed for mobility challenged persons have such a poor placement/design? Then to top it all off, I am informed by the store repair technician that the horn is in a solid state soldered unit that can not be replaced so the only solution is to permanently disconnect the horn altogether. Now, when we get it back, there will be no horn for backup mode or to catch someone's attention if need be. To say I am upset is putting it mildly so I felt I needed to relieve my displeasure by letting you know what happened and hope that you revisit the horn assembly and design and make appropriate changes. Overall, we are happy with our purchase but this situation is a fiasco and I will be posting a review to reflect this problem so others can benefit from our experience.
  • Roy Davis

    Jazzy Select® Elite Power Chair Reviews

    (Jan 20, 2015)
    Category: Jazzy® Power Chair Reviews From the first day until now, I have loved and been thoroughly impressed with this chair. I have changed batteries once in 4 years. I will be eligible for a new chair through medicare next December and you can bet it will be a Pride product. Other than a clicking sound in the right front wheel which wakes up the family when I operate it at night, it has been flawless.

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