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  • Wally Louis

    Maxima Mobility Scooter Reviews

    (Nov 22, 2014)
    Category: Pride® Mobility Scooter Reviews I've had my 4 wheeler for a short while now and I'm pretty pleased with it. I was hoping the seat had front / rear adjustment. I feel like I'm scrunched up and adjusting the tiller doesn't help. I use it on dirt and grass and so far has performed well. I wish it had suspension since it's a rough ride on rough terrain.

    Q6 Edge® Power Chair Reviews

    (Nov 21, 2014)
    Category: Quantum Rehab® Reviews The casters need a major redesign and better quality materials. In my opinion this power chair is best suited to someone who is 100% confined to an indoor ONLY facility. My chair has already had to have the front casters and arms replaced and no sooner that was accomplished, I now have to have the rear casters etc., replaced. I know what the problem is and how the design team could effectively correct the issue. I NEED mobility - NOT cabin fever!
  • Ronald Pence

    Jazzy® Elite HD Power Chair Reviews

    (Nov 19, 2014)
    Category: Jazzy® Power Chair Reviews I have severe traction slippage on wet aluminum ramp. Can someone give me part # for knobby tires like the 1122 and Quantrum 600 had. I had no trouble with them but the originals here see more like a highway patter and narrow part actually in contact with the surface. Thanks Its new so I am unable to rate it accurate on the things on the left yet. Jazzy customer since 2002
  • Corey Blake

    Sport Rider Mobility Scooter Reviews

    (Nov 19, 2014)
    Category: Pride® Mobility Scooter Reviews I heard this can me made to go 1 or 2 mph faster. anyone know how to do it after I already bought it?
  • Mike Willis

    Q6 Edge® HD Power Chair Reviews

    (Nov 14, 2014)
    Category: Quantum Rehab® Reviews I got my Q6 Edge this past June 2014 (it has 62 miles on the odometer). I still owe my provider $1,300 for it. I wish it was Pride Mobility that I owed and not the provider or else Pride Mobility would not get the balance due. The coating on the foot rests is coming loose (eyesore for a $30,000 wheelchair), impossible to drive/steer in a straight line, the rubber padding on my left armrest is coming apart, the armrest have too many “moving parts”…(too many bolts to have to be maintained. My transfers are lateral and the flimsy armrests do not give me any mental confidence during the transfer (I’m waIting any day now for the armrests to break off and take me with them), the outsides of the armrest have a built in groove for attaching items like a cup holder, but on several occasions during a transfer, my finger has gotten caught in this groove and was VERY painful. Both armrests have become very loose due to my flipping them up and down during transfers. I nor my wife can just tighten a bolt. These particular bolts are troublesome to get to.) The controller (where joystick is) is not designed well….the speed control is on the right side so if you are moving along and bump into something, chances are your speed got adjusted to high and I’m crashing int\o a a wall. The same safety concern applies to the opposite side where the on/off switch is located. Many times during transfers, my leg will hit the on switch and my chair goes wherever. I have a thigh guard on each side of my seat. Both covers of the guards have already worn out with holes (I expect better quality from a $34,000 wheelchair). Overall…I’m not at all satisfied.

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