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  • John David

    Jazzy® 600 ES Power Chair Reviews

    (Dec 19, 2014)
    Category: Jazzy® Power Chair Reviews The armrests on this chair is poorly designed and engineered.It is weak when doing transfers and repositioning for pressure. It will not maintain the setting and constantly drops below where I set it. And it will not reliably stay upright when raised causing it to fall heavily on your head if you're leaning over under it. A poor choice for a top of the line chair..........Another negative I have found is the thinness and brittleness of the glass over the display. It cracks easily into sharp pieces. I have clear tape over mine. It seems they could find a stronger thicker glass like the ones used on cell phones.
  • Cynthia Re...

    Quantum® 6000Z HD Power Chair Reviews

    (Dec 18, 2014)
    Category: Quantum Rehab® Reviews I have had mine since 2008, + the only thing I can say about it is I have had to change batteries several times, because they keep having issues, otherwise I am happy with mine. I would like to see a better looking chair, but considering that this is a chair used by the obese, it does have to be strong to hold a lot of weight. I would li8ke to see more color on these chairs. Black just isn't my color. What I could get red, I got red, but there are other things I would have liked to see4 in colors like the seating, arm rests, etc. This was my 1st power chair due to osteoarthritis in my knees.
  • Pam Neal

    Jazzy Select® 6 Power Chair Reviews

    (Dec 11, 2014)
    Category: Jazzy® Power Chair Reviews This chair is very zippy. We live in an old house with high thresholds at the doorways, and the Select 6 makes it through with very few false starts. Two doorways to the outside via the wrap around porch are also kind of undersized, but with practice, my husband can maneuver through them. The fact that there's no on-board charger probably makes it significantly lighter and more nimble. It's not excessively wide. There is one feature we hate. It's the footboard. When it's folded up, part of it still sticks out at about the level of the front wheels. This makes it difficult for a person to get up, if he needs to position his feet underneath the seat to get traction. There's no leeway to get the feet and legs into the best position to rise with good balance. If only the manufacturer had not split the foot rest in two, leaving much of it sticking out when folded, this chair would be just about perfect for our needs.
  • Rickb .

    Q6 Edge® HD Power Chair Reviews

    (Dec 10, 2014)
    Category: Quantum Rehab® Reviews I just got this chair today, Dec 12, 2014. Been in a chair 14 years, Compared to my Pronto M61, this chair leaves a lot to be desired. My chair was supposed to be green, even in the light it looks black. The joystick position is awkward, the foot plate is too big, the free cup holder is a joke, and was broken off even before the dealer made it out to my vehicle. The free Army patch was nice, but I'm not going to cut Velcro and stick it to the back of the chair because it will just look like garbage. The seat belt has been removed, the cup holder was broke so its gone, oh that bulky cane holder, off too. Finally, the worst part of this chair is the off board charger, whoever though this charger was a good idea should be fired. The only good thing about this chair is the VA bought it,(I had no say in the matter,) I doubt I will use the chair, I just need to wait 7 years and the VA will buy me another one, in the meantime my old Pronto still works fine.
  • Ken Oakley

    Go-Go Elite Traveller® Mobility Scooter Reviews

    (Dec 7, 2014)
    Category: Go-Go® Travel Mobility Reviews I have a 3-wheel go go elite and bought it just over a year ago (November 2013). It's been great until last week when it suddenly won't work. I thought the batteries were dead, so i charged them. After charging, the gauge said they were still dead and the scooter wouldn't move. I thought the batteries might be done (after only a year, I was a bit mad...), so I bought new batteries, charged those batteries, they still showed no charge in the gauge. Used a different charger, same issue. It's not the batteries. I then noticed 9 beeps when I put the key in, so I followed the trouble shooting guide, didn't work. Now, I turn it on, gauge is on red, I press the throttle and get two beeps (not enough power). I know the batteries are full (testing with a meter), so i am thinking the controller is broken. This happened all within 3 weeks of the warranty running out. This is ridiculously bad quality electronics. We were headed to Disneyland so we had to rent a scooter for the trip, adding on even more costs! Aargh!

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