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  • Q6 Edge® Power Chair Reviews

    (Oct 4, 2015)
    Category: Quantum Rehab® Reviews I have literally had so many issues with this thing shorting out, it'll go off and beep continually, and won't work, I never ever ever had any issues with my old Jazzy, and then I got has been such a let down... and all of this is bad news as a college student.
  • Go-Go Elite Traveller® Plus/ Plus HD Mobility Scooters Reviews

    (Oct 2, 2015)
    Category: Go-Go® Travel Mobility Reviews I have had my Pride scooter for about 15 months. During that time I have had a replacement transaxle, motor and two brakes and a replacement battery. The engineer fitted the transaxle incorrectly and after three months has been deemed repaired. The first two days it worked OK. However, today, after the usual full overnight battery charge I attempted to use this again. I only drove around the corner when the lights began to drop off completely and the scooter almost came to a full halt, then the lights shot up to full again and it jerked into motion. At the same time the carer was mentioning that there was a strange noise coming from the back. A couple of moments later the same situation repeated. This pattern continued for a little while and I was frightened when crossing the road. Eventually the noise stopped and the lights became static and for a while I did not have any more problems. However, on the way back, the whole process began again and my daughter commented I had my own disco light show as the lights zoomed up and down. I am now very worried as I am cautious about going out on my own as I am conscious the scooter might actually stop or certainly slow down when crossing the road and after numerous repairs I am beginning to believe that repair is just not possible.
  • Jazzy Select® Elite Power Chair Reviews

    (Sep 24, 2015)
    Category: Jazzy® Power Chair Reviews I have pride victory 10 for two years,about six months,and it developed a scraping noise it seems from the jeft rear wheel,seems to be getting louder. When going straight full throtle its loudest but when I turn rigt its quiet, no noise when I back up. thanks,Bob
  • Outlander Full Platform Exterior Lift

    (Sep 21, 2015)
    Category: Pride® Lifts and Ramps Reviews Shame on me for NOT reading these reviews first before buying, but wait, I think you have to be an owner to be in the OWNERS CLUB! I have MS, by husband was about to have back surgery, my scooter breaks down to 4 pieces, but not easy for me to do. Thought I found my solution, but has only been a pain. After ONLY 3-4 uses, the day before to leave for surgery, quit in Wal-Mart parking lot., worked fine when went in, nothing when came out. My husband got on phone with PRIDE, they think the mother board is out. Used manual crank when at hospital (surgery postponed), got evaluation at local Home Health place, good news PRIDE replaced entire box, which goes in this afternoon. BUT, the LABOR is MY PROBLEM! I have talked to several people at PRIDE, none too nice, all repeat their Warrenty Policy, OK, I get it and if it had been used a year or so, fine. Last call I asked for a supervisor, left message, we will see if she calls back. Insurance would NOT pay, so over $2,300 out of my pocket for a lift/swing away arm and drop hitch!! Oh, and I bought it from Spin Life, which Pride said to call about the problem! Let's see, don't manufacturers usually support their products???
  • Victory® ES 10 Mobility Scooter Reviews

    (Sep 15, 2015)
    Category: Pride® Mobility Scooter Reviews I had a Victory 10 for 6 years, no flaws at all. It was a work horse. Loved it. I just bought a new Victory 10 to replace it. The battery charger broke in the second week I had it. Replaced Thank you. Now after 4 months the transaxle broke. Replaced Thank you. Now one week later the batteries took a poop. What is going on at Pride Mobility??? They are sending me a new scooter. Thank you. But this should not be happening. I am loosing faith in Pride. If this one gives me problem I will switch brands.

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