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  • Darrell Bo...

    Pursuit® XL Mobility Scooter Reviews

    (Nov 26, 2014)
    Category: Pride® Mobility Scooter Reviews the first day, i put my scooter to use at the state ran great, then after about 7hrs of operation, the steering became wobbly. when making a turn the wheels would slide, and not grip the road. at a wal-mart i almost ran over a couple of people because of my steering problem. i call the tech support, and they sent out a tech who said he never seen a scooter like the pursuit xl..he thought that because of the weight on the back. ie..batteries, seat, passenger, rear basket ect.. that the front was to lite. the company suggest i add more air to the rear tires, maybe move the seat all the way forward..theses are dangerous suggestion. first manufacturer air pressure on rear tires should be adhered to and not over inflated. both me and the tech was 6ft.4in tall moving the all the way forward was a bad idea. any way he had no idea what to do. i had to put away this scooter for the time being until the company can figure out what to do..its to dangerous to operate a scooter with steering problems. the tech test drove this scooter and was having steering problem too. its a shame the company would put out a product for the customer to test. make unwarranted suggestion. then said well we get back it touch with u..i drove a pride Odyssey scooter before this one for 7yrs with no problems. i was surprise they did not even have the tech to bring it to the shop for them to look at..i am a very dissatisfied customer of pride mobility scooter..and if i have to decided to buy another scooter i will probably avoid a pride product. so i am waiting on the company to decide how to fix a steering problem without over inflating the rear tires. ps we tried that and the problem still persisted, wow never thought they would make these suggestion.
  • Sig Petri

    Quantum® 6000Z Power Chair Reviews

    (Nov 23, 2014)
    Category: Quantum Rehab® Reviews This is my second Quantum 6000 in the last 6 years. I'm hard on my chairs in terms of driving them at top speed for as long as the battery lasts. I try to drive on smooth surfaces as much as possible but bumpy sidewalks are hard to avoid so the chair gets quite a pounding for 20% of my trips. The first chair (Q6000) went 3,500km (2,100 miles) in 5 years. The main problem was that the motors kept overheating after about 3 hours of 6mph top speed running. The caster bearings had to be replaced once and the seating tilt system was a bit loose at the end. The new 6000z is only 7 months old and I just went over 1,400km (870 miles). The new motors do not overheat. The Rim head controller joystick has completely failed on 2 occasions which resulted in a runaway chair. Very scary! This is the reason Durability only scored 4 stars. This is now fixed thankfully. The rear casters are starting to squeak but I'm going to wait to have this sorted in the spring. Overall the Q6000z is an amazing robust chair.
  • Wally Louis

    Maxima Mobility Scooter Reviews

    (Nov 22, 2014)
    Category: Pride® Mobility Scooter Reviews I've had my 4 wheeler for a short while now and I'm pretty pleased with it. I was hoping the seat had front / rear adjustment. I feel like I'm scrunched up and adjusting the tiller doesn't help. I use it on dirt and grass and so far has performed well. I wish it had suspension since it's a rough ride on rough terrain.

    Q6 Edge® Power Chair Reviews

    (Nov 21, 2014)
    Category: Quantum Rehab® Reviews The casters need a major redesign and better quality materials. In my opinion this power chair is best suited to someone who is 100% confined to an indoor ONLY facility. My chair has already had to have the front casters and arms replaced and no sooner that was accomplished, I now have to have the rear casters etc., replaced. I know what the problem is and how the design team could effectively correct the issue. I NEED mobility - NOT cabin fever!
  • Ronald Pence

    Jazzy® Elite HD Power Chair Reviews

    (Nov 19, 2014)
    Category: Jazzy® Power Chair Reviews I have severe traction slippage on wet aluminum ramp. Can someone give me part # for knobby tires like the 1122 and Quantrum 600 had. I had no trouble with them but the originals here see more like a highway patter and narrow part actually in contact with the surface. Thanks Its new so I am unable to rate it accurate on the things on the left yet. Jazzy customer since 2002

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