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  • Paul Moody

    Pursuit® XL Mobility Scooter Reviews

    (Feb 26, 2015)
    Category: Pride® Mobility Scooter Reviews I am so disappointed with my Pride scooter, I think Pride should be ashamed to sell scooter with known problem ,like front wheel sliding and locking up, scooter that can not be keep out in a garage. what do they think you are going to keep it in your living room for look only.I would tell friend and any one very get a Pride scooter
  • Jack purdy

    Jazzy® Sport 2 Power Chair Reviews

    (Feb 25, 2015)
    Category: Jazzy® Power Chair Reviews It's a cool ride I love it
  • Phyllis Kahn

    Go-Go Elite Traveller® Plus/ Plus HD Mobility Scooters Reviews

    (Feb 25, 2015)
    Category: Go-Go® Travel Mobility Reviews I've used my go-go only a few times so far; it is everything Pride says it is. The only difficulty I have with it is attaching the battery charger to it. It is very low to the ground & very hard to reach, especially since one must matchup the prongs with holes in the receptacle. I can't see the holes & prongs. So I'm practically laying on the ground in an effort to get the thing plugged in. My husband does it for me, but what if I didn't have someone to plug it in? Pride, please make some adjustments for HANDICAPPED people to plug it in.
  • Mable Calvin

    Jazzy® Sport 2 Power Chair Reviews

    (Feb 25, 2015)
    Category: Jazzy® Power Chair Reviews I love my Baby it get's me were I want to go, Just Jazzy and I
  • Joy McKinnon

    Victory® 10 Mobility Scooter Reviews

    (Feb 24, 2015)
    Category: Pride® Mobility Scooter Reviews I have had my 4 wheel Victory 10 for a year now. I use it on the bike path and use a Handy-bus for transport to shopping, appointments and such. (A warning to those considering a 3 wheel scooter - if you are going to use a handy-bus for transportation the 4 wheel version is considerably more stable. To the point where my local handy-bus organization has considered banning 3 wheel scooters, for safety reasons.) Over all I have been very pleased. My previous machine was a Maxima, and one thing I liked about it more, was that I could bring the seat down lower. The Victory seat is a little high for me but there doesn't seem to be a scooter on the market that will go as low as 15 inches between floor boards and seat. I love the lightness of the scooter and the ease of which it comes apart for transport. I miss the ability to move and readjust the tiller. My Maxima had a toggle leaver that allowed instant changes. On the Victory one must unscrew a large and hard to reach knob, move the tiller, and then tighten it again. A cumbersome endeavour. I love the new design, especially the front fenders. (My Maxima had cracks in the fenders because they extended over the wheels.) The one durability issue I have had is the side reflectors. They are just glued on and have fallen off. Not a big issue for me but it is a cosmetic flaw.

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