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Date Added: Jul 30, 2012
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Q6 Edge® Power Chair Reviews

With features like standard 4-pole motors, Mid-Wheel 6® Drive Design and ATX Suspension, the Q6 Edge® Power Chair from Quantum Rehab® is engineered to meet the performance needs of the most active user. The Q6 Edge accepts a full range of seating and electronics options to deliver exceptional rehab capability at an excellent value.


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I have literally had so many issues with this thing shorting out, it'll go off and beep continually, and won't work, I never ever ever had any issues with my old Jazzy, and then I got has been such a let down... and all of this is bad news as a college student.
  • Posted Sun 04 Oct 2015 02:02 PM EDT
I have had my chair for 14 months, The first complain was the back cushion, it needed to be glued in place, before the year, I had to replace the armrests because they broke. Soon after that, the left motor started smoking and had to be replaced, and now, there is a chain hanging from the front of the chair and the elevator is not working. It seems like the chair has way too many problems. What makes it worst is the time the provider take to fix it, always saying "the parts are coming" I am very mobile, and need to be all the time on the go, but I'm afraid the chair would let me stranded somewhere It is a very expensive chair to begin with, but even though I liked it at first, I don't think it is reliable. I had too many issues in too little time
  • Posted Sat 15 Aug 2015 10:03 PM EDT
Hi Ricardo, Can you please send me a private message with your serial number, the name of your provider and their contact information so I can look into this? Thank you.
  • Posted Mon 17 Aug 2015 10:37 AM EDT
I find no issues controlling the Q6 Edge at any speed but I played a lot of video games so not hard for me.. My issues are lack of speed (was only given slow-poke motors) and reliability of range from a full charge. I have had the chair since Feb 2014 and the power starts dropping bars 3 blocks from home one day and after 20 blocks the next, and you never know from the point of full charge where it will be that day until you go out and discover. Ah what a lovely adventure that is! I've had the batteries replaced and the charger unit replaced already, both in early-mid 2014. I had a 'short day' on Friday and barely made it home (had to have the chair pushed manually into the 'charging area' in my room). Plugged it in to charge and Sunday morning the unit started to beep. Checked and discovered it had not charged one bit despite showing the proper charging animations the whole time. For the rest of Sunday we would plug it in (making sure all connections were solid) and it would 'charge' for 10-20 minutes the beeping would start again. Monday I left the unit be, unplugged, in disgust. Left a message to the provider Tuesday afternoon. For giggles plugged unit in for one last try Tuesday evening and seems to now charge... but what kind of charge we will see later today. Also about a month ago the left motor started intermittently shutting down for a second or two... enough to make you stop to spin in place... then it works fine for minutes/hours/days and does it again. So after a year and a half the motor may be dying. Hopefully to be replaced with the high speed version. Another issue I have, and I realize it is likely specific to me, is with the tilt and leg lifts. I am 6'1" and when I fully lift the legs (powered) I cannot straighten my legs while my feet are on the footrests. I do like that I can use the chair with the legs up. I just wish the same could be said about the chair tilt. I have issues with my neck so cannot comfortably look up. But if I tilt the chair back enough to be able to see forward comfortably the chair will not move with the speed number flashing... so I have to drive the chair along looking at the 10-20 feet of ground in front of me with occasional painful peeks 'up' to get a more distanced view of where I am going. I understand the chair should not move when fully, or close to fully, reclined but some more reclining before mobility ceases would at least help me a lot. So that is my story. If there is an easy way to fix these issues please let me know.
  • Posted Wed 12 Aug 2015 12:19 PM EDT
Hi Neal, My name is Jenna, I work at Pride. There are adjustments that can be made or there are different foot riggings available that may be more comfortable or a better fit for you. You should speak to your provider about this issue. It is very important that you contact your provider for service, as it sounds like you may need parts and/or service. We do have a new feature, "iLevel" that you can get on the Q6 Edge 2.0 that allows up to 10 inches of lift at 3.5 mph. However, there would still be a quarter speed inhibit when tiled as a safety feature. If I can be of any further assistance, please private message me. Thank you! - Jenna
  • Posted Thu 13 Aug 2015 12:52 PM EDT
It seems to me that people need to learn how to use this chair, I've had mine now for 12 months and not had any issues at all, someone advised me to use the joystick between my thumb and forefinger (in the V) and NOT to hold it between my fingers, it is soooo much more controlable, TRY IT !!!
  • Posted Wed 15 Jul 2015 08:36 AM EDT
I have to agree with you Chris. I have the Q6 H.D. with tilt, and Tru Balance 3 system. In almost a year NO problems like what is being described on the forums. I'm glad you are as happy with your Q6 as I am with mine. I also hope these people figure out how to use their chair, and if it is really broken (not do to user error) get it fixed. Going on 11 years in two different Pride products. Still happy with both.
  • Posted Thu 16 Jul 2015 06:01 PM EDT
Can anyone help me fix my display . Its blinking off and on after my friend tryed to fix the date . Chair still works ok but cant see the display as its blinking off and on it a q6 edge
  • Posted Thu 07 May 2015 11:21 AM EDT
Hi John, Which kind of controller do you have? Is it a Q-Logic 2? Thanks, Monica
  • Posted Thu 07 May 2015 12:46 PM EDT
I have had the chair for 18 months. IN the first year I went through 3 sets of batteries. I live in a tsunami zone, so am very careful about keeping my batteries charged. It took at least a 2 months, each time, to get the new batteries, so I was unable to use my chair for 6 months out of 12. Now the pin that connects the front shock to the frame, broke the threads off in the frame, it has been another month, without my chair. I was told that this pin design is a weak point and is a very common problem, but pride says it my fault for driving on bad sidewalks, which are numerous where I live. I can say that the chair is fun to use, but is prone to many problems, which means I am stranded. I can not recommend the Q6, based on my first year, and a half, since it has sat in my garage for over 6 months out of the 18 months I have owned it. A $12,000.00 chair should be a lot more reliable.
  • Posted Tue 05 May 2015 04:42 PM EDT
Hi David, Battery life does vary depending on the terrain in which you drive on. However, that seems very soon for batteries to go. Was it covered by warranty? Thanks.
  • Posted Wed 06 May 2015 09:43 AM EDT
I sure do feel your pain, as y'all said Q6 is accident waiting to happen inside ones home. I have several jambs and holes in walls myself. My problem now is my speed went down to 1.8-2 mph and my suppiler will not repair since they are under a RAC audit. I have called 8 other suppliers and none will work on it either, all saying Medicare will not pay. It will take $1,600 to 2,000 to repair wherefore being on a fixed income it is out of the question for me to come up with that kind of cash. I bet one thing, I will not have a Pride again if they have the sorry electronics this one has, in four years this chair has had way too many repairs.
  • Posted Mon 04 May 2015 02:42 PM EDT
Hi Johnny, It sounds like there may be a programming issue. Can you please send me your location in a private message so I can look into a provider near you? Thank you.
  • Posted Mon 04 May 2015 03:10 PM EDT
Hi Robert, I'm sorry you're having the very same nightmare I've had with my chair. My name is Sherri Mahdawi and I have Multiple Sclerosis. I was given my chair in 2010-2011 and stopped using it in 2013 because while I felt safe riding out and about in the chair, I also had the exact same damage to my home. I was smiling as I read your post. It took me back to that demolished place I used to call home. I have since moved but I also got a different chair. I now have a Hoveround. It's smaller, not as fancy and advanced, but it doesn't tear my house up fits in doorways leaving the structures in place. It's much better to use around the house. The "tank", that's what my family calls my Quantum Q6, is better used outside of my home. Good luck!!
  • Posted Sun 03 May 2015 09:42 PM EDT
Hi Sherri, Please keep in mind that when our chairs ship out from our factory, they are all set with the same programming parameters. Programming should be done to meet your needs in the various profiles you will be using throughout the day upon delivery. Has your provider worked with you to have the chair properly programmed? Thank you, Monica
  • Posted Mon 04 May 2015 03:17 PM EDT
I'm a service connected disabled veteran. The VA in Birmingham, Alabama provided me with a Quantum Q6 Edge Power Wheelchair. This chair is very difficult to control! I'm continually bumping into walls while trying to make a turn or running into door jams while trying to go through a door! The joystick is very counter intuitive while backing up! When I backup I have to move the joystick right to go left and left to go right.! I have to continually make corrections while trying to go straight! I'm destroying my house with this wheelchair! Their a black marks and gouges in walls that I've run into. The molding on doorways has been broken loose because I've hit the door edge trying to go through it! I need a chair that is controllable! Can this Quantum Q6 Edge Nightmare be fixed????
  • Posted Sun 03 May 2015 10:45 AM EDT
Hi Robert I too am a disabled veteran (british) someone advised me to use the joystick between my thumb and forefinger (in the V) and NOT to hold it between my fingers, it is soooo much more controlable, TRY IT
  • Posted Wed 15 Jul 2015 08:45 AM EDT
Hi Robert, Please keep in mind that when our chairs ship out from our factory, they are all set with the same programming parameters. Programming should be done to meet your needs in the various profiles you will be using throughout the day upon delivery. Has your provider worked with you to have the chair properly programmed? Thank you, Monica
  • Posted Mon 04 May 2015 03:17 PM EDT
I have a new Quantum Q6 edge Chair. we just got the new controller in very happy with it. it now tracks better and responds better. the main issues I am having with it is 1. power problems on a full charge it will drive less than a mile and start loosing power.We talked with vender who swers they checked everything out and when they have it nothing happens, invited vender out to watch it happen in real life operations who refuses. 2. Bluetooth and hookup for tablet to chair, again vender says read the book that's as much as they know. when we post anything we get someone telling us all how sorry they are which does nothing, how about putting us in contact with tech. service professional to help us since vender will not.
  • Posted Tue 21 Apr 2015 01:28 PM EDT
thanks Monica I will do that, the vender here seems to have no interest in solving the issues.
  • Posted Tue 21 Apr 2015 01:38 PM EDT
Hi Christopher, You can speak with Tech Service at 800-800-8586 ext. 5555. Can you please send me a private message with the name of your provider, their contact information and your serial number? I would like to look into the issue.
  • Posted Tue 21 Apr 2015 01:31 PM EDT